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Malta, Italien, Travelguide, Travel Guide

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Malta, Italien, Travelguide, Travel Guide, Lufthansa

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Malta, Italien, Travelguide, Travel Guide

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    Malta – a brief overview

    One of Europe’s smallest countries, Malta, and its sister islands Gozo and Comino, manages to pack a sizeable cultural punch. It’s home to two UNESCO-listed monuments and one UNESCO-listed city centre (Valletta), and successive waves of occupying powers have helped create an eclectic culture that has seemingly taken the best from each one.

    From Gozo’s Citadella to Valletta’s knightly palaces, Malta is endlessly fascinating and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, as well as some incredible rock formations such as the iconic Azure Window. Scores of sleepy fishing villages, excellent local wines and toothsome local fare complete a very enticing picture.


    Top 10 sights in Malta

    The Azure Window on Gozo
    The Azure Window on Gozo is a natural stone arch created by erosion – and one of the filming sites for the fantasy series “Game of Thrones”

    Ġgantija Temples

    Ggajtina, Temples Street
    Xaghra Gozo
    Tel.: +356 2153 3194
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 0800-1915 (Apr-Sep)
    Daily 0900-1700 (Oct-Mar)

    One of the world’s most important architectural sites, Gozo’s UNESCO-listed Ggantija Temples are thought to date from between 3600 and 3200BC.

    Blue Lagoon

    Show on map

    A spectacular sheltered cove tucked into the western end of Comino and obscured by the islet of Cominotto, the Blue Lagoon is a little slice of the Caribbean in Europe.

    The Palace State Rooms, Grand Masters Palace

    Palace Square
    VLT 1191 Valletta
    Tel.: +356 2124 9349
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Mon-Wed and Fri 1000-1600
    Sat-Sun 0900-1630

    It might look plain from the outside but once through the front door, the opulent lifestyle of Malta’s ruling Grand Masters becomes plain. Owned by the Knights of St John, this 16th-century palace is packed with stunning artefacts.

    Calypso’s Cave

    Show on map

    A natural sea cave said by some to have been the home of Homeric nymph Calypso, the rock formation itself is underwhelming (and usually sealed off) but the spectacular view over Ramla Bay makes it well worth the trip.

    Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum

    Hal Saflieni Street
    PLA 1116 Paola
    Tel.: +356 2180 5019
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Mon-Fri 0900-1600

    Another Maltese monument to win UNESCO listing, the Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum is a huge and incredibly well-preserved tomb of a similar vintage to the Ggantija Temples.

    Fort Rinella

    St Rocco Road
    KKR 9063 Kalkara
    Tel.: +356 2180 9713
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Tue-Sun 1000-1700

    Built by the British in the 19th century, Fort Rinella is one of two built to counter the threat from the then newly united Italy. Boasting two 100-tonne Armstrong guns, the largest ever built, the fort also doubles as a military museum.

    The Azure Window

    San Lawren
    Show on map

    A sight that ought to be familiar to fans of Game of Thrones, the Azure Window is a huge natural rock arch perched just off the coast of Gozo.

    St John’s Co-Cathedral

    St John Street
    Valetta 1156
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Mon-Fri 0930-1630
    Sat 0930-1230

    The religious seat of the Knights of St John, St John’s Co-Cathedral is one of the largest in Valletta and was built during the 15th century. Austere from without, inside the church is a homage to Maltese baroque complete with a marble floor and lashings of gilt.


    Victoria, Gozo
    Show on map

    Fortified since the Bronze Age, the Citadella glowers out across Gozo’s capital Victoria from its lofty perch atop a hill. A mixture of fortified ramparts, a baroque cathedral and a smattering of homes, boutiques and restaurants, it’s well worth the (exhausting) climb.

    Villa Rundle Gardens

    Republic Street
    VCT 1019 Victoria, Gozo
    Tel.: +356 2215 6400
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 0600-2000

    Laid out by British Governor General Sir Leslie Rundle in 1914, this set of century-old gardens are some of the prettiest in Malta and include some beautiful examples of local flora. Perfect for an afternoon’s wandering.

    Good to know

    Country information

    Country overview

    From the MTV music festival in Valletta to abseiling and climbing in Gozo, Malta rocks.

    Small in size but big in character, Malta offers cool cafes, buzzing night clubs, exhilarating activities, exciting festivals and amazing archaeological wonders, whatever the time of year.


    The Maltese archipelago is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, with the largest inhabited island, Malta, lying 93km (58 miles) south of Sicily and 290km (180 miles) from North Africa. Gozo and Comino are the only other inhabited islands. The landscape of all three is characterised by low hills with terraced fields.

    Malta the largest island and the cultural and commercial centre, has a rolling terrain and a largely rugged coastline, indented with harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches and rocky coves.

    It has no mountains or rivers. Gozo is connected to Malta by ferry and is more verdant, with many flat-topped hills and craggy cliffs. Comino, the smallest island, is connected to Malta and Gozo by ferry and is very sparsely populated.

    General knowledge

    Key facts

    Population: 430146 (2014)

    Population Density (per sq km): 1346

    Capital: Valletta.


    Maltese (a Semitic language) and English are the official languages. Italian is also widely spoken.


    Euro (EUR; symbol €) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of €500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of €2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.


    240 volts AC, 50Hz. UK-style three-pin plugs are in use.

    General business opening hours

    Mon-Fri 0830-1730, Sat 0800-1300.

    Public holidays

    Below are listed Public Holidays for the January 2019 – December 2020 period.


    L-Ewwel tas-Sena (New Year’s Day): 1 January 2019
    San Pawl Nawfragu (Feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck): 10 February 2019
    San Ġużepp (Feast of St Joseph): 19 March 2019
    Jum il-Ħelsien (Freedom Day): 31 March 2019
    Il-Ġimgħa l-Kbira (Good Friday): 19 April 2019
    Jum il-Ħaddiem (Labour Day): 1 May 2019
    Sette Giugno (Republic Day): 7 June 2019
    L-Imnarja (Feast of Saints Peter and Paul): 29 June 2019
    Santa Marija (Assumption Day): 15 August 2019
    Jum il-Vitorja (Feast of Our Lady of Victories): 8 September 2019
    Jum l-Indipendenza (Independence Day): 21 September 2019
    Il-Kunċizzjoni (Immaculate Conception): 8 December 2019
    Jum ir-Repubblika (Republic Day:): 13 December 2019
    Il-Milied (Christmas Day): 25 December 2019


    L-Ewwel tas-Sena (New Year’s Day): 1 January 2020
    San Pawl Nawfragu (Feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck): 10 February 2020
    San Ġużepp (Feast of St Joseph): 19 March 2020
    Jum il-Ħelsien (Freedom Day): 31 March 2020
    Il-Ġimgħa l-Kbira (Good Friday): 10 April 2020
    Jum il-Ħaddiem (Labour Day): 1 May 2020
    Sette Giugno (Republic Day): 7 June 2020
    L-Imnarja (Feast of Saints Peter and Paul): 29 June 2020
    Santa Marija (Assumption Day): 15 August 2020
    Jum il-Vitorja (Feast of Our Lady of Victories): 8 September 2020
    Jum l-Indipendenza (Independence Day): 21 September 2020
    Il-Kunċizzjoni (Immaculate Conception): 8 December 2020
    Jum ir-Repubblika (Republic Day:): 13 December 2020
    Il-Milied (Christmas Day): 25 December 2020

    All information subject to change.


    Nightlife in Malta


    Despite its staid reputation, Malta and Gozo have no shortage of bars and clubs – many of which attract big-name DJs.

    Along with pretty beachside bars, traditionalists can enjoy the many British pubs, nearly all of which serve real ale on tap.


    27 Tramuntana
    Birgu BRG1160
    Show on map

    A chic bar with a huge open courtyard and more than 100 different types of wine on the menu.

    Level 22

    Level 22, Portomaso Tower
    PTM 01 Portomaso
    Show on map

    A glitzy 22nd-floor bar with an excellent cocktail menu and incredible views.

    La Grotta

    Triq tal-Ghajn
    Il-Munxar, Gozo
    Show on map

    Housed in a huge natural limestone cave, La Grotta has two large dance floors and live DJs.

    Tico Tico

    61 Strait Street
    Show on map

    Edgily glamorous in a part of town once famous for its Royal Navy dive bars.

    Fat Harry’s

    Pjazza Walkway
    St Paul's Bay
    Show on map

    English beer, English food and very Anglo-Saxon ideas about hospitality – great fun.


    Restaurants in Malta


    An eclectic hybrid of Italian, Arabic and, yes, British influences, Maltese cuisine can throw up some unusual combinations but is nearly always delicious.

    Seafood is a local staple as is rabbit. The salty local goat’s cheese is not to be missed.


    Church St
    St Paul's Bay
    Show on map

    Price: Expensive

    With outside tables overlooking the Mediterranean, Tarragon dishes up melt-in-your-mouth steaks and sensational seafood – try the octopus in chilli and cherry tomato marmalade.


    6 St. Christopher's Street
    Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1468
    Show on map

    Price: Expensive

    Fresh local fare in a cosy little eatery tucked away down a cobbled Valletta street.


    Triq il-Fosos, Cittadella
    Victoria, Gozo,
    VCT 1842
    Show on map

    Price: Moderate

    Traditional Maltese fare, including brilliant homemade goat’s cheese, in the heart of the Citadella.

    Blue Creek Restaurant

    Ghar Lapsi
    Show on map

    Price: Moderate

    Nice restaurant with a stunning view over Ghar Lapsi. Families welcome.

    Xerri il-Bukkett

    Triq iż-Żewwiega
    QLA 1433 Qala, Gozo
    Show on map

    Price: Cheap

    With incredible views over Comino and a nice line in Maltese tapas, this is a locals’ favourite.


    Calendar of events


    1- 5 March 2019

    Venue: Various

    A five-day programme of colourful floats, children running around in extravagantly designed costumes and parties in the streets and night clubs. Top night spot, Paceville, comes alive, catching the late night carnival goers who pile into its clubs and bars, still wearing their outrageous outfits. In Nadur on Gozo the carnival takes on a more macabre mood.

    Malta International Fireworks Festival

    24 April – 4 Mai 2019

    Venue: Various venues

    Over the last weekend in April, Malta will put on a fabulous fireworks show against the spectacular backdrop of the Grand Harbour in Valletta. Malta is famous for its fireworks, a tradition which goes back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St John. The festival commemorates Malta’s accession into the European Union in 2004 and will feature magnificent fireworks displays synchronized to music. Live entertainment will also be provided by Maltese musicians and artists. Ta’ Liesse and the Barriera Wharf provide the best viewing spots.

    MTV Malta Special

    June 2019

    Venue: Floriana Granaries, near Valletta

    Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and the Black Eyed Peas have headlined the Isle of MTV Malta Special, Malta’s biggest open-air party. The line-up of top musicians and DJs provides the finale to the popular Malta Music Week.

    Malta Arts Festival

    June – July 2019

    Venue: Throughout the city

    Enjoy a celebration of theatre, dance, music and art from top Maltese and international artists. A wide variety of different art forms are performed in various locations depicting a vast array of styles and genres.

    Village Festas

    June – September 2019

    Venue: Valletta, towns and villages

    Virtually every weekend throughout the summer months, different villages celebrate the feast of their patron saint with extensive firework displays, parades of extravagant gold-decorated wooden statues and parties in town squares. Banners and flags adorn people’s balconies and kiosks sell local produces including nougat and other Maltese delicacies.

    Malta Jazz Festival

    July 2019

    Venue: Ta’ Liesse, Valletta

    The Malta International Jazz Festival takes place annually in July over three nights at Ta‘ Liesse down by the Valletta quay inside the Grand Harbour. A line-up of top Maltese and international artists from countries such as Brazil, Africa and the Middle East present an eclectic mix of jazz styles over three days. World famous artists who have performed in the past have included John Scofield, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea and Dee Dee Bridgewater.

    Farsons Great Beer Festival

    July – August 2019

    Venue: Ta’ Qali Park

    This 10-day festival is a big social event that’s enjoyed by Maltese and tourists alike with things for all the family to do, besides just drinking beer! Live entertainment is provided courtesy of top local singers and bands, and a variety of food complements the large selection of beers produced and imported by Farsons. There are over 300 hours of music, 40 live performances, 15 bars and two stages in the festive open-air atmosphere of the park. The event draws many thousands of visitors each year.

    All information subject to change. Please check the dates on the relevant event organizer’s website.


    Hotels in Malta


    Malta and its little sister Gozo have no shortage of hotels to choose from, whether you’re after 5-star luxury, stylish boutique properties or a cheap and cheerful bed and breakfast.

    Either way, you’re spoilt for choice.

    Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz

    Triq ir-Rokon
    SLZ 1040, San Pawl il-Baħar
    San Lawrenz, Gozo
    Show on map

    Category: Expensive

    A huge and comfortable 5-star hotel with all the amenities you’d expect from Kempinski.

    The Xara Palace

    Misrah il-Kunsill
    MDN 1050 Mdina
    Show on map

    Category: Expensive

    This family-run pile is tucked away in medieval Mdina but boasts every modern luxury imaginable.

    Grand Excelsior Hotel

    Great Siege Road
    FRN 1810 Floriana
    Show on map

    Category: Moderate

    A huge 426-room hotel with harbour views, the Grand Excelsior has its own private marina.

    The George

    Paceville Avenue
    STJ 3103 St Julian’s
    Show on map

    Category: Moderate

    This smart boutique hotel comes with classy contemporary décor and a gorgeous rooftop pool and bar.

    British Hotel

    40 Battery street
    Valletta VLT1222
    Show on map

    Category: Cheap

    One of Valletta’s oldest hotels, the family-run property has a terrace overlooking the harbour.


    Island adventure: Dive into Malta


    Gozo, the peaceful. Comino, the small. Malta, the lively. Three islands make up the Maltese Archipelago situated between Libya and Sicily, which is popular above all for its sunny climate and crystal-clear waters. Some of the best diving grounds in the Mediterranean lie just off the coast, while on land, you will find the highest density of religious buildings in all of Europe.

    And that means you can enjoy some of the excellent bathing and boating to be had on these shores and also immerse yourself in European history – a tour of discovery above and below the water.


    1, Bastion Street
Victoria, Malta

    Tel. +356-21 45 30 89
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Monday to Saturday 1900-0100

    The 4000-year-old walls of the former capital, Mdina, stand on a mountaintop at the heart of the main island, Malta. Mdina’s imposing architecture is entirely preserved, and the city is a UNESCO-designated Urban Conservation Area today. Only some 240 people still live here, but visitors abound in its streets, which would make a perfect movie set. From the main gate, tourists make their way along the narrow streets as far as a small square and magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral. Some of Malta’s best restaurants are tucked away inside Mdina’s ancient walls – and as well as culinary delights, they offer magnificent views over the island.

    Dive into the Blue Hole

    Mgarr Road  
    Xewkija, Gozo
    Tel. +356-79 00 95 65
    Show on map

    Shipwrecks, caves and craggy underwater canyons: Malta is well known for its excellent diving spots. Because the coast is solid rock with no outflowing rivers, the sea here is extremely clear.  Like a cylinder ten meters wide, this opening in the coastal rock face goes down 15 meters and is ideal for snorkelers and scuba divers – after floating through a tunnel, you emerge inside a seemingly utopian underwater world.

    A dive costs 50 euros, equipment included.

    The Blue Lagoon

    Ramla Bay
II-Mellieha MLH 7100
Tel. + 356-99 82 68 63 oder +356-21 52 58 61
    Show on map

    Comino is the tiny island between Malta and Gozo. The famous Blue Lagoon is a rocky bay with waters so turquoise and clear that the ships anchored there almost appear to be floating heavenward. There are several boat tours available to take tourists across from Gozo and Malta to the lagoon, a blue marine pool that positively invites you to take the plunge with snorkel and flippers.

    Price: 20 to 30 euros, day tours last approx. 6 hours


    Show on map

    Most of Malta’s tourist attractions can be found in its capital city, Valletta. The old citadel in its entirety is a historical monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Master Palace is considered to be the most splendid building here, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches anywhere in the Mediterranean. Knights of the Maltese Order of St. John shaped its stone walls, while Calabrian artists painted its vaulted ceiling. A relaxing change after all the history: a stroll along the promenade of harbor island Manoel and through colorful, ever-bustling Republic Street with its many bars, restaurants and shops.

    Sea Kayaking

    7, Triq Sant Indrija
Victoria, Malta
Tel. +356-99 99 45 92
    Show on map

    Like to see Malta from a different perspective and take a little active exercise at the same time? Rental sea kayaks are available almost everywhere here. It’s a good idea to book one of the guided tours, as they will usually take you a little further – across to Gozo and Comino or along the coast to bays that cannot be reached on foot. Along the way, everyone shares a beach picnic. Alternatively, you could book yourself a three-day kayak tour, with beach camping, sleeping in caves and a trip to the imposing cliffs of Xlendi Bay included.

    Price: Day tour (roughly 7 hours) 75 euros

    Mosta Church

    Pjazza Rotunda

    Mosta, Malta
Tel. + 356-21 43 38 26
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Monday to Saturday 0900–1100 and 1500–1700

    There’s a church for every day of the year in Malta – in fact, with its 365 houses of worship, the density of churches here is greater than in Rome. But the Church of St. Mary, or the Rotunda, in Mosta is of particular interest due to its special story: On April 9, 1942, a German bomb fell onto the Rotunda, crashed through its dome and landed in the nave, where some 300 people had taken refuge. The bomb failed to explode, however, and that is still celebrated as a miracle to this day. A replica of the bomb now lies in the sacristy, while the original is housed in the National War Museum in Valletta. The Rotunda of Mosta is worth a visit even beyond this anecdote since at 39 meters in diameter, its dome is the world’s fourth-largest.

    Blue Grotto

    Wied iz-Zurrieq
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Monday to Sunday 0900–1700

    Gouged deep into the rocks on the southwest coast of Malta, there’s the Blue Grotto – a cave 90 meters long and 40 meters high with two entrances, which can be reached only from the sea. The water there is a magical color, a brilliant sky blue that’s created by the slanting rays of the sun reflecting off the blue algae in the water. In calm waters, boats can sail into what is, in fact, a system of caverns  – and right through those six “halls” of rock. Boat tours set out from neighboring Wied iz-Zurrieq south of the village of Qrendi, which also has some nice cafés and restaurants.

    Price: 8 euros for adults, 4 euros for children 


    Eden Place St. Augustine Street 

    St. George’s Bay
    St. Julian’s, Malta
Tel. + 356-23 71 05 55
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    round the clock

    There are plenty of opportunities for dancing, or enjoying a game of poker or a good drink in the islands’ many casinos, which aside from gambling, generally also provide entertainment in the form of concerts, shows and comedy. The casinos can be found equally in old colonial villas beside the sea and modern hotels, or tucked away in a restored 17th-century, harbor-side mansion. St. Julian’s boasts the Casino Malta, which with its bars, night club, slot machines, roulette and all the table games is the largest in Malta.

    Diving to the P29

    Triq George Borg Olivier
    St. Julian’s, Malta
    Show on map

    One of the best and most famous dives from the island of Malta takes you to the wreck of the patrol ship P29. Its intact hull lies on the seabed, 35 meters beneath the waves, and is almost entirely overgrown with seaweed. The dive begins with a gentle swim out from the shore across a small, calm lagoon. On the other side, you dive over the edge into the deep blue sea and keep on diving down until you catch sight of the wreck. Visibility at the site is roughly 30 meters, and you can even climb on board the ship: engine room, bridge and superstructure are all great to dive.

    Dive, equipment included: 47.50 euros; two dives:  85 euros

    Good to know

    Best time to visit

    Today: Tuesday, 23.07.2019 00:00 UTC




    wind speed

    3.75 mph

    7 days forecast



    32°C / 22°C



    32°C / 23°C



    32°C / 26°C



    32°C / 24°C



    35°C / 27°C



    39°C / 18°C



    39°C / 25°C

    Climate & best time to visit Malta

    Summer is May-October and the hottest months are July to September when temperatures can reach 30+ degrees. In winter, the days are mild but the evenings can be quite chilly due to slightly stronger winds.

    Malta’s beaches welcome scores of sun worshippers throughout the summer, while windsurfers prefer the stronger winds of the winter months. The island can get pretty packed during the summer so if sightseeing is your main aim, visit outside of peak season when it is sunny but cooler.


    24 °C

    3 °C

    24 °C

    1 °C

    28 °C

    2 °C

    33 °C

    6 °C

    34 °C

    9 °C

    39 °C

    13 °C

    40 °C

    16 °C

    40 °C

    16 °C

    37 °C

    13 °C

    34 °C

    7 °C

    27 °C

    5 °C

    23 °C

    3 °C


    89 mm

    55 mm

    42 mm

    24 mm

    11 mm

    2 mm

    1 mm

    4 mm

    28 mm

    77 mm

    91 mm

    98 mm


    5 h

    6 h

    7 h

    8 h

    9 h

    11 h

    12 h

    11 h

    9 h

    7 h

    5 h

    5 h


    77 %

    77 %

    75 %

    75 %

    73 %

    70 %

    66 %

    68 %

    71 %

    73 %

    75 %

    78 %


    15 °C

    14 °C

    15 °C

    16 °C

    18 °C

    21 °C

    24 °C

    25 °C

    24 °C

    22 °C

    19 °C

    17 °C

    absolute maxabsolute minØ absolute maxØ absolute minrelative humidityØ precipitationdays with deposit > 1mmsunshine duration
    Jan24 °C3 °C14 °C10 °C77 %89 mm125.5 h
    Feb24 °C1 °C14 °C10 °C77 %55 mm86.3 h
    Mar28 °C2 °C16 °C11 °C75 %42 mm57.3 h
    Apr33 °C6 °C18 °C13 °C75 %24 mm28.8 h
    May34 °C9 °C21 °C15 °C73 %11 mm29.8 h
    Jun39 °C13 °C25 °C19 °C70 %2 mm< 111.5 h
    Jul40 °C16 °C28 °C22 °C66 %1 mm012.5 h
    Aug40 °C16 °C29 °C22 °C68 %4 mm< 111.4 h
    Sep37 °C13 °C27 °C21 °C71 %28 mm39.4 h
    Oct34 °C7 °C23 °C18 °C73 %77 mm67.5 h
    Nov27 °C5 °C19 °C15 °C75 %91 mm95.7 h
    Dec23 °C3 °C16 °C12 °C78 %98 mm135.0 h
    year40 °C1 °C21 °C16 °C73 %521 mm618.4 h
    Good to know

    Phone calls & Internet

    Country code: +356

    Mobile telephony and Internet
    Since June 2017, EU citizens traveling within the EU, and also in Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein have been able to use their cell phones and surf the Net without incurring any extra charges: In other words, customers pay the same price for phone calls, text messages and data volume as they do at home. Restrictions do apply to the constant use of SIM cards abroad, however, and caps may be set on data packages. For full details, contact your mobile telephony provider in your country. Travelers using a SIM card from a non-EU state do not benefit from the new arrangement.

    Free Internet access via Wi-Fi is possible in many busy tourist spots. When using public Wi-Fi networks, it is a wise precaution to ensure encryption of all passwords, credit card details and banking TANs entered. Use of a VPN app or security software to check the safety of a hotspot is recommended.


    Shopping in Malta

    Key Areas

    Valletta is home to most of the major international brands, although things do have a very British feel: expect to find branches of M&S, Next and The Body Shop as well as local boutiques. Elsewhere, Gozo’s capital Victoria is heaven for anyone looking for local crafts, with everything from Maltese wine to sea salt on offer.


    Most Maltese towns hold an open-air market once a week but one of the best is in Birzebbugia, where on Thursdays, you can find local produce and crafts galore.

    Shopping Centres

    Daniel’s Shopping Centre (St Joseph High Street) in Hamrun has a good selection of big names while Valletta’s Embassy Shopping Complex (St Lucia Street) is vast and modern.

    Good to know

    Traveller etiquette

    Social Conventions

    The usual European courtesies are expected, but the visitor should also bear in mind the tremendous importance of Roman Catholicism; if visiting a church, for instance, modest dress covering the shoulders and legs will be expected.

    Smoking is prohibited on public transport and in all public buildings, including cinemas, restaurants and bars.

    Good to know


    Food & Drink

    Mains water is normally chlorinated and, whilst safe, may cause mild abdominal upsets. Bottled water is available and is advised for the first few weeks of the stay. Milk is pasteurised and dairy products are safe for consumption. Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables are generally considered safe to eat.

    Contractual physician of Lufthansa

    Dr. Schembri Wismayer, Mark
    Krypton Clinic
    Ibragg Road
    Tel. +356-99494006

    Please note that Lufthansa accepts no responsibility for the treatment nor will it bear the cost of any treatment.
    Good to know

    Visa & Immigration

    IATA Travel Centre

    The IATA Travel Centre delivers accurate passport, visa and health requirement information at a glance. It is a trusted, centralized source for the latest international travel requirements. The IATA Travel Centre is the most accurate source available because it is based on a comprehensive database used by virtually every airline, and information is gathered from official sources worldwide, such as immigration and police authorities.

    IATA Travel CentreIATA Travel Centre